About Us

Cork Dorks was copyrighted in 2007 but was created a little over a year before then.

One night I had a dream involving little cork people. (Maybe a little too much good red wine was involved that night!) Anyway, when I woke up the next morning I told my wife that we needed to go to a craft store. Since I had worked for Home Depot almost 15 years my wife commented, “You, Mr. Home Depot want to go to a craft store?” I explained my vision of little cork faces with ears, eyes, and noses. Her reply, “Yeah, good luck with that!”

Once at the craft store, I came across eyelets, brads, buttons and much more that could be used to fashion a cork dork similar to our favorite friend “Mr. Bill”! Those original cork dorks experienced a similar fate as “Mr. Bill” with many visitors to the tasting room introducing their own version of “Mr. Hand” followed with “Oh No!”

Since then interest in Cork Dorks has grown. They have evolved into unique wine charms in many styles and colors. When you gather with friends you’ll never have to guess which glass is yours! Best of all, with a cork dork on your glass you’ll never drink alone!

Don’t be one … buy one!